1.5 Hour Self-Driven Online Course

1 One-on-One Session with Peter via Zoom to Discuss Any Obstacle You Are Facing 

At Estate Management Solutions, we believe that the path to a better Private Service industry is through the education of the Professional. Giving the candidates the tools to better navigate the unique difficulties that come with working in someone's private space. We feel so strongly that this information will give professionals a chance at success that each one of our placement candidates is required to take this course before starting a position they acquire through EMS, and it's not just us; several prominent agencies also require this class for their candidates! 

This course was created with the intention of helping Private Service Professionals and Domestic Workers better navigate the difficulties that come with working in a private home where there is no HR and little to no professional boundaries.

Course Curriculum

    1. Perceptions, Preconceptions and Adaptation

    2. The Importance of Positive Relationships

    3. The Importance of Personal Appearance

    4. Module 1 - Section 1 Quiz

    5. The Myth of the Job Description

    6. Have a Backup Plan

    7. The Creep Factor & The Chaos Factor

    8. Recovering From a Mistake

    9. Module 1 - Section 2 Quiz

    10. Service Without Being Servile

    11. Exhaustion & Burnout

    12. Defining Success

    1. Keys Class Midpoint Summary

    2. Module 1 - Module Quiz

    1. Working With Your Principals

    2. Maintaining Diligent Communication

    3. The Importance of Tone

    4. Module 2 - Section 1 Quiz

    5. Your Office = Their Home

    6. Maintaining Professional Boundaries

    7. You Are Never Alone

    8. Module 2 - Section 2 Quiz

    9. Navigating The Home

    10. Always Offer Solutions

    11. 30-60-90 Day Plans

    1. End of The Keys Class

    2. Module 2 Quiz

About This Course

  • $129.00
  • 28 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content


Peter Van Ryder

Founder & CEO

Peter is a formally trained Private Service Professional who has spent his career cultivating a collection of resources and insights that are born of success, failure, and the normalization of the outlandish request a Private Service Professional experiences. Peter's drive is to create a better Private Service Industry through the education and coaching of the Professionals. Teaching the PSP to ask insightful questions that will help them identify the potential red flags, will help carve a smooth path for the next generation of Professionals that create luxury.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I take the class at my own pace?

    Yes! You have full control over the speed at which you want to take our 2 modules.

  • What can I gain from finishing this class?

    Once completed, you will be given a Keys Class Certificate as proof that you've finished the online course! The great thing is several prominent agencies not just recognize this, but they require it as well! It's a great addition to your credentials!

  • When will my one-on-one session with Peter be?

    After taking the class, we'll provide you with a booking link to schedule time with Peter to discuss any challenges you may be facing, so that he can help you address them.